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Sellotape Sticky Fixers Removable Pads 20x40mm (Pack of 10) 1445286 | SE04420


With a strong double sided adhesive, Sellotape Sticky Fixers make mounting at exhibitions and fixing objects around the workplace simple and fast. 10 x 20mm x 40mm removable pads

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No need for nails, screws, or glue with these easy to use, removable, double sided Sticky Fixers Removable foam pads that are ideal for mounting and displays. Strong and resilient, each pre-cut pad will join or mount paper, card, wood, ceramics, metal and most plastics. Ideal for fixing, mounting, hobby craft and display work, these pads are easy to use; simply peel off the backing paper and stick, they will even conform to uneven surfaces for all your mounting needs. This pack contains 10 removable pads measuring 20mm x 40mm.

  • The ultimate foam fixing pad (removable)
  • Strong double sided adhesion
  • Pre-cut pads are easy to remove from the backing paper
  • Ideal for mounting and fixing tasks in the workplace or at exhibitions
  • Joins or mounts paper, card, wood, ceramics, metal and most plastics
  • Can be removed without leaving residue, perfect for temporary mounting tasks
  • Size: 20mm x 40mm. Pack of 10 Pads.