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Sellotape Double Sided Tape 12mmx33m (Pack of 12) 1447057 | SE2280


Double sided tape with strong adhesive on both sides with easy tearing and removable backing paper. 12mmx33m. Pack of 12 rolls.

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Sellotape Double Sided is a versatile and easy to use tape coated on both sides with a strong adhesive to guarantee excellent performance. It can be easily torn by hand, comes with a removable backing strip and can stick to almost all surfaces including plastic, paper, glass and metal. The thin and white coloured tape adds a fine touch and makes it ideal for sealing packages and envelopes in the workplace, as well as mounting lightweight objects such as frames and signs by ensuring a firm and reliable hold. Supplied in a pack of 12 rolls, Sellotape Double Sided tape has a width of 12mm and a length of 33m.

  • Versatile tape coated on both sides with strong adhesive
  • Perfect for sealing packages and envelopes and mounting lightweight objects
  • Easy tear for quick application
  • Easy to remove backing strip
  • Small core
  • Size: 12mm x 33m
  • Pack of 12