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Sellotape Vinyl Case Sealing Tape 50mmx66m Brown (Pack of 6) 503846 | SE0246


Robust, waterproof, extra strong and tear resistant, this Sellotape packaging tape is ideal for sealing parcels and packages in the workplace. 50mmx66m. Pack of 6 rolls.

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The Sellotape Vinyl Parcel Tape is designed for securely sealing boxes and parcels. Suitable for packages up to 18kg in weight, it is waterproof and highly resistant against puncturing and tearing. This premium quality and shockproof brown parcel tape is extra strong, has long lasting adhesion and sticks instantly to all paper and board surfaces. Whether it is for a mailroom, delivery centre or simply your office, Sellotape Vinyl parcel tape ensures no damage to your parcel and is the perfect solution where safe and secure mailing is a priority. Supplied in a pack of 6, this brown vinyl tape has a width of 50mm and a length of 33m.

  • Shock-proof and tear resistant tape
  • Great for light to medium weight cartons up to 18kg
  • Made from tough, waterproof vinyl
  • For professional and general workplace use
  • Holds firm during transit ensuring protection for your packages
  • Size: 50mm x 66m
  • Pack of 6