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Rexel Black Mercury RDS2270 Freeflow Strip-Cut Shredder 2102433 | Code RM19842


The ultra quiet RDS2270 shredder is ideal for departmental office shredding, via sharp and accurate 5.8mm strip cut blades with advanced P-2 level of security for maximum protection. It is capable of shredding up to 22 (80gsm) sheets in one go making it an extremely efficient shredder. No need to worry about overheating or jamming either, thanks to preventative measures this shredder features. It features a pull-out frame that holds paper or plastic waste bags for easy disposal of shredded documents. Another beneficial feature the RDS2270 possesses is that it accepts staples and paper clips, and therefore eliminates the tedious process of having to remove those staples and paper clips from your sheets of paper. The ability to shred credit cards can be vital to protecting your sensitive information and it also has the ability to shred CDs. It also features unique compaction technology which enables more shredding and less emptying, and as a result improves your work efficiency. Intelligent power save technology enables you to save energy thanks to the auto shut off feature which automatically shuts off the shredder after 2 minutes of non use. Handy recyclable bags are also available separately to encourage you and your colleagues to recycle more. With self cleaning cutters you can be sure that your shredder cutters shred precisely and cleanly at all times.

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