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Nobo Tripod Screen 1750x1325mm 1902396 | Code NB25029

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This Nobo Tripod Projection Screen provides a sharp and detailed image that can be easily viewed by everyone in the audience thanks to its wide 2000mm by 1513mm screen. This projection screen was primarily designed for use within a classroom, boardroom or a conference. The matt white surface looks great no matter the environment whilst the retractable design allows damage free transportation and storage. The overhead arm tilts the screen forward towards the audience depending on their view point allowing for easier and clearer viewing of the projection screen. This projection screen can be viewed in 4:3 format offering maximum high quality viewing pleasure. The stylish black border provides a professional look making it perfect for use within an office for presentations. The screen is ideal for use with both digital and overhead projectors offering versatile options. This projector comes with 1 years free warranty for extra peace of mind. The Nobo Tripod Projection Screen offers a stylish, practical and high quality solution to your projection display needs.

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