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Nobo Mobile Steel Magnetic Horizontal Whiteboard 900x1200mm 1901029 | Code NB11829


The Nobo Mobile Whiteboard with horizontal pivot is the ideal solution for presenting and displaying your content in a small office environment. The quick-release pivot handle locks the board securely whilst the lockable castors ensure maximum stability at all times so you need not worry about the board moving whilst you are presenting. The mobile style and design was created with easy manoeuvrability in mind allowing you to transport the board from room to room quickly and easily. This whiteboard is both steel and enamel which allows you to display both charts and diagrams easily. A large pen tray at the base of the board allows for easy pen storage so you do not have to constantly have your marker in your hand. It’s 360 degree rotation means less space is required for displaying information, and you can ensure that every member of your audience has a full and clear view of your content. The Nobo Mobile Whiteboard allows you to easily and efficiently present your content in a stylish, professional and practical manner.

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