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Nobo Matte White 99 inch Wall Projection Screen 1902393 | Code NB25026

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Choosing the right screen is crucial to get the most out of your projector.?Big screen? viewing across DVD and Blu Ray is made as simple as the pull of a cord with the Nobo Wall Mounted range. For medium sized audiences the Wide-format Wall Screen with 160 degree viewing is the ideal choice. Designed for offices to training centres, hotel meeting rooms and schools, the brilliant white matte projection surface guarantees a sharp, clear image from any viewing angle and crisp colours, all enhanced by a stylish, black frame.The screen is versatile and adapts for purpose and locks at any height, and when finished, simply pull the handle all the way down and the screen will roll back smoothly into its mounting for safe and convenient storage. The smart black border increases the contrast for a professional image. It is ideal for digital projectors and overhead projectors.

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