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Nobo Assorted Glide Flipchart Pad Markers Chisel Tip (Pack of 12) 1902081 | Code NB18058


This 12 pack of Nobo Glide Flipchart Markers allow you to get the best performance possible from your markers when writing or drawing. They are ideal for brainstorming sessions, note taking or even for drawing. The Nobo markers have an ergonomically designed barrel which allows you to hold and grip them with ease for maximum convenience. The bullet tip point allows for extra accurate writing and drawing time after time whilst never leaving any floating dust or residue. Clearly indicated colour caps allow you to easily pin point which colour you want to use. Each marker features an integal anti-roll device that stops your markers from rolling off your desk. This pack features assorted colours which include 3 x black, 3 x red, 3 x blue and 3 x green. The Nobo Glide Flipchart Markers are perfect for all your writing and drawing needs.

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