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Nobo 12 T-Card Panel Maxi Office Planning Kit 800x730mm 32938864 | Code NB38864


This T-Card Planning Kit has all you need to create a durable and effective 12-Month Planner, with the flexibility to plan monthly, annually or simply by project. It is ideal for organising your office and managing daily or weekly meeting plans. This kit contains 12 panels with 32 slots for size 2 T-Cards. It has an index panel, also with 32 slots for size 1 cards for the date or time. There are 2 aluminium rails plus 4 pairs of coloured title strips to write names or meeting rooms for a more organised approach when planning. There are 10 boxes of 100 size 2 T-Cards, which come in assorted colours and a box of 100 size 1 T-Cards to get you planning straight away.

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