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Loctite Super Glue Precision 5g 853356 | LO25354


Loctite Precision Super Glue 5g comes with an extra long nozzle to make your repair tasks around the workplace precise and easy. Suitable for use on wood, china metal, rubber, leather and most plastics.

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Loctite Precision Super Glue is a multi-purpose glue that provides durable, long-lasting, and invisible repairs for your quick bonding challenges at the workplace. Containing its innovative transparent drying technology, it comes with an anti-clog cap and extra-long nozzle, which ensure precise applications on hard to reach surfaces. Its powerful liquid and waterproof formula has been developed to form resilient bonds, to withstand heavy loads and resist shocks and extreme temperatures. Ideal for all sort of repairs around the workplace, Loctite Precision Super Glue bonds in seconds and gives long lasting durability on a range of materials including rubber, leather wood, metal and plastic*.
*(Except PE and PP).

  • High performance instant adhesive with precision dispenser for perfect accuracy
  • Water, dishwasher, shock and temperature resistant
  • Extra long nozzle for pin-point precision
  • Pin in cap prevents clogs from forming in nozzle
  • Bonds porcelain, metal, rubber, leather, wood, plastic, paper and more
  • Dries clear for invisible bonds
  • 5g per tube